Extraordinary public places

At our Berkeley-based architecture and urban design studio, we focus on the entire spectrum of public spaces – buildings, campuses, shopping and mixed-use streets, historic renovations and adaptive reuse, theatres, community and civic centers, sports and recreational facilities, open spaces and plazas. For 50 years, ELS Architecture and Urban Design has designed extraordinary buildings and spaces that enhance the experience of urban life.

Insight and respect are the foundation of our work. We begin a rigorous design process by paying close attention to our clients’ aspirations and needs and to those of their audiences. Integrating our experience across multiple disciplines with sound business practices and stewardship for the natural environment, our discerning programs achieve high architectural and environmental value while responding to and enlivening their surroundings.

We believe that thoughtful and compelling design translates emotion, excitement, vision, and connection into places that engage people and nurture community.

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