John How


I walk a fine line between design and technical with an emphasis on the technical in my architectural practice. I continue to explore the connections between painting and architecture, visual perception of color in architectural form, and the symbolic intertwining of architecture and urban design. What fascinates me about ELS is that the practice provides opportunities in all aspects of design.

The 1977 painting Tableau by my late professor and friend Robert Slutzky.

University of Pennsylvania, M.Arch, 2001. University of British Columbia, B.A. (Urban Geography), 1997

Started at ELS


Cities That I’ve Lived In

Vancouver, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Shanghai, Alameda. I was a rolling stone back in the day.

Favorite Meal

Spaghetti with meatballs (I am easily fed)

Favorite Sport

Downhill skiing — the only sport where I will wake up at 3am to catch the 4:30am ski bus to Lake Tahoe from the East Bay!

Best Vacation

European vacation in 1989 with my parents, brother, and great-aunt. We visited England, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Favorite Movie

The Avengers

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