V-Ray 5 for Revit: What’s New?

by: French Clements | March 15, 2021

Software developer Chaos Group recently invited ELS to beta-test the new V-Ray 5 for Revit for a few months. Our office has been using V-Ray for about eight years, so we jumped at the chance to weigh in on its next generation.

In the latest version of this 3D rendering software, we discovered a set of tools streamlining how we visualize our design work. We’re happy to report that it’s easier than ever to alter presentation-quality renderings on the fly and to toggle between various design options. Chaos Group has added 650 new 3D assets to the V-Ray library, and updated lighting and randomization tools generate imagery that feels more realistic.

Chaos Group’s interview with ELS goes into more detail on what’s new. Midway down that page, our testing team (Christopher Jung, Danwei Wang, Tracy Chan and Cherri Jeong) shows how ELS adopted the software into its design workflow. Press play and dig in.