Fremont Bank Earns Unanimous Planning Commission Approval

by: Diana Banh | March 2, 2020

The future Fremont Bank Headquarters building, planned as a new gateway for the corner of Capital Avenue and Fremont Boulevard, was approved by a vote of 5-0 by the City of Fremont Planning Commission on the night of Thursday, February 27, 2020. The Commission praised the design as an iconic landmark for the City’s new Downtown district.

The new 34,000-square foot, 6-floor headquarters building, designed by ELS Architecture and Urban Design, includes a 2-floor, twenty-six-foot tall banking hall reminiscent of the original bank space at the same address. Floors three through five will house Fremont Bank corporate offices, and the sixth floor will be home to a client-focused boardroom and indoor function space that opens out to a roof terrace with views of Fremont and the surrounding hills.

The distinctive design, which earned praise from Commissioners and the public, includes torqued vertical fins on the upper floors along with an angular roof trellis. In addition, ELS has worked closely with engineers and manufacturers to identify and propose the use of electrochromic glass for large portions of the buildings’ exterior glazing. This automatically tinting glass keeps heat and glare out of the space without the use of additional window treatments. In combination with the vertical fins, the system provides a higher level of daylighting, views and comfort for occupants while maximizing energy conservation.

A large delegation of over 30 supporters for the project was asked to stand by Fremont Bank Chairman Michael Wallace at the conclusion of his remarks to the Commission, underscoring the significant support the project has received during the design and approval process.

ELS is currently waiting for City Building Department comments and hopes to see the project break ground during the middle of this year.