At Hillsdale Shopping Center, Our North Block is Recognized for Sustainability

by: French Clements | December 16, 2020

Since 1992, Sustainable San Mateo has advanced environmental causes in San Mateo County and its cities, through advocacy efforts that focus on the three E’s of sustainability: environmental impacts, social equity and economic vitality. Each year, the group recognizes projects that demonstrate environmentally conscious design and construction.

This year, as part of the group’s 2020 awards for sustainability, our North Block project at Hillsdale Shopping Center received a Green Building Honorable Mention, one of just two projects that were noted.

Registered LEED Gold, the North Block incorporates pioneering green building techniques by optimizing energy and water systems. The project is designed to tie into the existing central plant, taking advantage of the highly efficient existing system. Meanwhile, a new building automation system will monitor electricity, gas, domestic and hot water for each tenant, providing an opportunity to fine-tune operational performance of building systems. Greywater from lavatories and showers will be processed and combined with condensation from the North Block’s rooftop. The recycled water will be used to flush all toilets and urinals, supply a courtyard fountain, and provide 100% of landscape irrigation. A massive 200kW photovoltaic system offsets approximately 5% of electricity use.