Yeganeh Shams

Assoc. AIA, Designer

I believe in architecture that contributes to the production of perceptible environments, by being relentlessly attentive to disciplines that free interior spaces from conventions of use and allow the interior to become an architectural material.

My M.Arch thesis, which considered home-sharing platforms to be an unstable combination of objects and stuff, addressed questions of transformation, accumulation, and aggregation.

University of California, Berkeley, M.Arch
University of Tehran, Master of Interior Architecture and B.S. in Architecture

Started at ELS


Cities You’ve Lived In

Tehran, Los Angeles, Berkeley

Favorite Meal


Favorite Physical Activity

Yoga and hiking

Spare Time

Illustration, photography, reading, cooking, and meditation

Best Vacation

Hawai’i, Big Island

Favorite Book

Human, All Too Human by Friedrich Nietzche

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