Emilio Ponce

LEED Green Associate, Designer

I grew up watching my mom and dad design and build our family’s home in the Bay Area. It was admirable to see the wooden anatomy of the place I call home. I enjoy spaces that spur memory and compassion. At ELS, I have the honor to bring this empathy in my designs for a brighter and more sustainable future.

(Left) View of the family room's framed walls. Plenty of light. (Right) My dad teaching me how to mud drywall.

UC Berkeley, B.A. Architecture with Minor in Sustainable Design

started at els


favorite building

Vanna Venturi House for its quirkiness and complexity. Musée d’Orsay for its grand adaptation from station to museum. Fundação Ibere Camargo for its subtlety and poetic volumes.

favorite sport/physical activity

I love hiking Mission Peak, Little Yosemite, and the Dipsea Trail


Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello

spare time

I enjoy resting at brunch spots sipping on an Americano

best vacation

My Grand Tour to the UK, France, and Italy in 2019! My favorite memory was getting lost on my way to Florence and I ended up in Bologna. Oops.

favorite movie(s)

Mirai, Tokyo Sonata, Harold & Maude, Blue Velvet

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