Brian Diercks

BIM Manager

Football fan, baseball fan, doodler, music junkie, and BBQ enthusiast. Operating at the sweet spot between beauty and a hammer to craft inspiring, compelling, and authentic architectural narratives.

My daughter Riley’s expression here sums up the 2017 A’s season perfectly. We see you Billy Beane.

Madison Area Tech, Architectural Technology and Electronics. Northeast Wisconsin Tech, Mechanical Design.

started at ELS


favorite building

Frank Lloyd Wright’s S.C. Johnson Wax HQ, where my father retired, has always amazed me. The Research Tower, the lily pad columns, and the diffused light from the miles of glass tubing are spectacular.


Dean Kamen

spare time

Spending time with my family while exploring California’s natural wonders, going to A’s games, or stressing about the Green Bay Packers


“Oxygen” by Willie Mason


Wassily Kandinsky

personal motto

Leave it cleaner than you found it

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