Denver Pavilions

Denver, Colorado | Retail & Mixed Use

The two-block three-level complex, with 350,000 square feet of retail and entertainment uses, helped to revitalize downtown Denver’s 16th Street Mall. Prominent retailers and entertainment venues are brought together in an open-air environment that seamlessly blends into the existing urban fabric. Served by the 16th Street Mall shuttle and the regional light rail system, Denver Pavilions was one of the first urban retail/entertainment centers to be built in the United States.

“It must be emphasized that until the Pavilions was constructed, the upend end of downtown Denver was practically vacant. In its four years of operation, the Denver Pavilions has transformed…downtown. Today, there is a rich balance that has really helped to complete our community’s vision of downtown as a thriving area to work, live, shop and enjoy.” –Wellington E. Webb, Mayor

Awards and Publications

International Council of Shopping Centers Design Award, 2001, Shopping Environments, Malls and Department Stores, 2008, Urban Spaces No. 2, 2001, Developing Retail Entertainment Destinations, 2nd edition, Winning Shopping Center Designs, 2001, Building Design & Construction, May 1999, Architecture, July 1998, Interiors Magazine, October 1997

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