Cragmont Elementary School

Berkeley, CA | Education

Utilizing a steep hillside site previously thought unbuildable, this K-5 school hugs the upslope side preserving the maximum amount of playground area and avoiding an earthquake fault and a landside zone. The design features terraced courtyards and articulated volumes. A good neighbor, it respects the scale and views of the surrounding residential neighborhood, and provides spaces shared with the larger community.

(Associate Architect Edwin S. Darden Associates).

Awards and Publications

AIA, California Council, Merit Award, 2003, AIA, San Francisco Chapter, Honor Award, 2002, AIA, East Bay Chapter, Honor Award, 2001, Design Share: Educational Facilities Planning, Architectural and Post Occupancy Evaluation Merit Award, 2001, AIA, California Council/CASH Award of Merit, 1997, Educational Environments, 2009, LINE (AIASF), January 2003, Facilities Design & Management, June 2002, Architettura e Formazione No. 86, April 2002, Contract Magazine, March 2002, Educational Spaces, 2000

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