Berkeley High School Expansion

Two state-of-the-art buildings totaling 86,000 square feet – a library, student union, gymnasium, and natatorium – complete the 1930’s Beaux-Arts plan for the 3000-student campus of Berkeley High. After hours, these new facilities, adjacent to the nearby YMCA and City’s public library, enhance community services and activities in the downtown.

(Associated Architect Edwin S. Darden Associates)

Awards and Publications:

AIA, East Bay Chapter, Merit Award, 2007, Recreation Management Magazine, Innovative Architecture and Design Award, 2006, DesignShare/SCN, Merit Award, 2005, AIA, California Council/CASH, Award of Excellence, 2005, Downtown Berkeley Association President’s Award, 2005, AIA, California Council/CASH Award of Excellence, 2000, Educational Environments, 2009, Recreation Management, April 2009, Recreation Management, May/June 2006, Sports & Recreational Facilities, 2006, Contract, February 2006, Architectural Record Online, December 2005, Real Estate & Construction Review, 2005, Athletic Business, June 2005, School Construction News, May 2005, LINE (AIASF), January 2003

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