Education: UC Berkeley, M.Arch, 1973. Grinnell College, A.B. History, 1970.

Place of Birth: Wichita.

Favorite City:  TBD.

Favorite Building: Taj Mahal. So many famous buildings shrink when you actually visit them. Not this one. The scale, the attention to every minute detail, and the preservation are all equally boggling.

Favorite Meal: Anything prepared with friends and eaten outside. With lots of sauce.

Favorite Sport: Youth soccer.

Heroes:  My parents: adventurers, artisans, family dinners, out of Ellis Island and the Depression.

Spare Time: Designing and building small projects.

Best Vacation: Anything starting with a train station, a phrasebook, and a backpack. Ideally with friends and family.

Duration at ELS: Since President’s Day, 1980.

What Else: Biking and jogging with the dog; reading and listening to favorite books recommended by friends; movies and meals; planning the next trip or project; backpacking for a length of time; college football games; extended family reunions.

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