ELS Donates Twenty Boxes to Save a Sample and Wins Top Boxer Prize!

December 13th, 2013 |

Holiday-PartyEarlier this year, ELS participated in Save a Sample‘s annual national material donation drive. The organization collects design firms’ unneeded material samples to donate to local design schools, giving students a professional set of resources to work with and creating a second life for such materials.  Big thanks to Alice Kao, a former designer at ELS that is now at graduate school at MIT, for finding out about the event and spearheading the effort with William Gordon, Associate at ELS!

The drive was a big success! We packed up over twenty boxes of samples which were donated to West Valley College in Saratoga. West Valley College had two students competing in Save A Sample’s 2013 Hand-Drawing Competition which awards scholarship prizes to the winning students and their schools.

We recently found out that we were a Top Boxer and won the Izzy+ Harter Arc Chair. The combination of the number of boxes packed and the amount of scholarship funds raised made us a prize winner. We raffled off the prize at our holiday party on December 12, 2013, and ELS architect Patrick Bartlett was our lucky raffle winner! Congratulations, Patrick!

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