Towards an Equitable Technology

An interview with John MacLeod, Founder/CEO of New Media Learning and Managing Director at Marinovation Learning Center MakerSpace-Media Studio at South Novato Library (amongst many other fascinating things!) (Photo above courtesy of Community Education Center (CEC) MakerSpace-Media Studio) John MacLeod is a creative and inspiring leader in the movement to introduce young people to emerging technologies through hands-on par­ticipation. I… more

The Next Generation of Makerspaces

February 7th, 2017 |
There are all kinds of makerspaces in the Bay Area. Some focus on technology, others on craft. As a designer, I can’t afford having my own full-time studio or buying a lot of expensive tools to explore all my interests. But for a small sum, I can try out different makerspaces depending on what I need at a certain time.… more

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